You can make your own cables but I try to find a way to do more plug and play installs so I can have them on the shelf and ready to install .... especially things like the wireless units I can drop a pack in less then 30 minutes do the updates and put it back together and be on the road with 2 hours of total work ........

Here is the wiring I am using to

hook up the new wireless and

put it under the hood for a lot

easier access....

I have installed a bunch of them also

in the pack I found problems with a

lot of the wireless devices ....

if you buy the cheap ones like I do

you need to install it under the hood

or if you have a added newer style

elcon charger with can controls

I also recommend you put the wireless

device under the hood like this....

if you have the original charger I would

recommend you put everything in the pack

that way you can move the pack easily from truck to truck without any other modifications ....

IN case you want to know I ordered

a cable already put together but here

is the wiring from pin to pin for a

db9 to obd2 adapter I will be using

you can see I wired the above using 4 wires #2 is chassis ground then #5 for can low and number 3 for can high and of course #9 is the 12v+ those are the important 4 wires I need for it to read the can from the orion can1 wiring and under hood with the extension cables etc .. to get to in this case a can ran elcon 5kw charger and after that at the end the wireless Bluetooth adapter I am adding ........

Wireless Bluetooth install for orion

This is the latest install of wireless Bluetooth install for orion system added under the hood this time for easy access and repairs etc ...

One really quick note is I found out the hard way you need to check the cables you buy a lot of the cables do not use all 9 pins which makes no sense since there is lots of uses that use all the pins anyway be sure and check pin 9 since that is the 12v+ pin for the obd2 uses especially the wireless adapters ....

The adapter cables I am using are a male to 2 female splitter adapter

a male obd2 to db9 female adapter

a female db9 to splitter 2 male db9 adapter

a 55 inch female to male extension db9 cable

and then a small db9 female to male cable to cut the male end off to wire in to the orion can 1 cable and to add the power 12V = and - to power the wireless device

at the other end ........